2018 childbirth educator training hosts wanted scholarships availableMy 2018 calendar is filling up with midwifery clients, conferences, and other amazing learning opportunities! I want you to be a part of it all, as I couldn’t do this work without you. It’s time to get busy and get a CAPPA Childbirth Educator Training scheduled near you!

I am looking for hosts eager to learn and share evidence-based education in their community! Hosting basically means that you help me do the work I normally do in my hometown to make a training run smoothly for everyone involved.

Join with me, and I will walk you through everything you need in order to bring quality childbirth educators to your city and state!

Hosts are eligible to receive scholarships to cover up to 50% off their training fee. How cool is that? I also have scholarships available for women of color, military members/spouses, and those who plan to teach at crisis pregnancy centers or in the mission field.

What are you waiting for? Click on the link below, and let’s do this!

I am ready to host! What do I do now?


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