Tiffany Miller, Childbirth Educator Colorado Springs
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Tiffany Miller, CCCE, Student Midwife


I have been married to an amazing man for about 17 years, and we have lived in Colorado Springs for about 13 of those. I’m not a Colorado native, but as the bumper sticker says, “I got here as fast as I could!” I truly love this area, and the people who make up our community here. I have given birth to four beautiful tiny humans, all out of hospital. Two were born on the east coast at a birth center and at home, and the younger two were caught by a wonderful Colorado Springs midwife in my home.

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My Birth Philosophy

I believe that a woman’s body was designed specifically to grow & birth healthy babies, and that the midwifery model of care results in the healthiest and safest model of care for all but a small percentage of people. I believe every woman deserves this model of care, even if she requires high-risk obstetrical care.

I believe that care during the childbearing year is a joint responsibility between a pregnant person and her care provider. Prenatal care is equal parts individualized and evidence-based advice from a provider during appointments, and what a mother does in between appointments.

I believe that evidence-based information and education, customized to each woman’s need, often eradicates most of the fear associated with the labor and birth process. In short, I believe you can do it, even if you need more help than most.

Most of all, I believe that women should be trusted to make the best decision for their situation, and should expect to be fully supported by her caregivers. After all, it is she who will carry the burden of any risks incurred during her care. Who better to choose what is right for her and her baby?

Why I Do This Work:

I do this work because I believe women deserve options outside of the mainstream system, and I want to be one of those options. Whether it is through my childbirth classes, or my future practice as a homebirth midwife.

I do this work to help women grow healthy babies, have healthy births, and experience a healthy and joyful beginning to their parenthood journey–all in their own power and strength. I want to be a helper and servant to each one’s process.

I do this work to speak Truth over the myths and fears and untruths that are so prevalent in our culture. I am determined to see those myths die in my lifetime.

I do this work because I believe in Freedom, and the responsibility that it brings. When we place birth back in the hands of those who are doing the work, it is remarkable the changes that come about, all for the better.

I do this work because I love women and their families, and because I believe that each birth belongs to all of us. Your joyful beginning may impact countless others.

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What does it mean to have a Joyful Beginning?

It means that my clients feel free to exercise their right to informed consent and refusal.

It means that my clients will have complete, unconditional support from me, no matter what the circumstances turn out to be.

It means that every client walks into the birthing journey with her eyes wide open, ready for anything, and fearing nothing; because she has empowered herself with knowledge, and understands that her body is wise and strong enough for the work ahead.

We all have nervousness and some anxiety as we await childbirth, even if it’s not our first child. Real fear has no place in a joyful beginning. If fears come up, every woman I serve will have my unwavering help to overcome it – no matter what.

It means that the women I serve all experience an “I did it!” moment – whether they birthed naturally at home, or by cesarean, or anything in between. That moment will look different for every woman, and her joyful beginning is determined by her definition, not mine or anyone else’s.

My goal as a birth professional, is to plant at that moment’s root, a seed that will blossom into full-blown joy one day, even if these first days are hard.

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